Canes and Crutches For Mobility

Disability is not the end of the world, it doesn’t mean that you or your loved one must be locked at home and never go outside .

With the help of proper mobility aid, you can move and travel freely without any one’s help with your friends and family members. Canes and crutches are one of the best options for all your mobility needs, at DME of America Inc you can find a variety of canes and crutches that can keep you safe and independent.

Types of Canes

  • Quad Cane : Canes with four legs, provides the best support and stability.
  • Hemi Walker : Combine Features of a quad cane and walker. Provides extra lateral support.
  • T Shaped Cane : Easily affordable, offers a good and strong grip.
  • C Shaped Cane :Most common and lightweight cane, easy to handle and carry.

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