Wound Care Supplies

Wound care treatment should be safe and easy especially for a senior or pediatric.To provide a good wound care treatment, it is vital to have a right combination of wound care products.

Here at DME of America Inc, you can find a line of wound care products, exclusively used in home care, hospitals and clinics.
DME of America Inc has a wide range of wound care supplies. Primarily for the use of treatment for sores, cuts, pressure ulcers, surgical wounds and burns. Here you can also buy bandages, gauzes, gels, dressing, removers, sheeting, preparing materials and more.

Wound Treatment

The first step of wound treatment is to find the right type of wound care products. On the road to recovery, there are many factors that can help you to find what type of product or supplies you’ll need. These factors are:

  • Type of wound and sternness
  • Total drainage
  • Spot of the wound on the body

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